The 14th General Assembly of ENCoRE

The 14th General Assembly of ENCoRE

Venue: Escola das Artes, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa Rua Diogo Botelho, no 1327 4169-005 Porto
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The 14th ENCoRE General Assembly will be held at Universidade Catolica de Porto (Portugal) from 20 to 21 October 2022.

In no small way, the 14th ENCoRE GA will mark a step forward for the European Network for Conservation-Restoration ENCoRE, after the difficult times of the pandemic. Apart from formal matters of our GA, there are some very important issues to discuss at the GA:

  • New website with improved functionalities for the member institutions

  • Newsletter as part of a new communication strategy

  • Re-registration of ENCoRE and formal relaunch of the organisation


Other topics will be a report on the Erasmus+ project CHARTER, where ENCoRE is an associate partner, and the presentation of the present state of the survey results, even if these do not cover all members.

The new ENCoRE website should give a clear picture of the programmes offered by the ENCoRE members. Each school will have a dedicated space for the presentation of this information. The board has discus- sed the terminology of specialisations at length, and the website should give its users a good overview of what is offered. Furthermore, details of the structure of the programmes will enable users to gain helpful information. The board has designed a scheme how to best present all this information which will make it easier for the website users to compare possibilities.

The agenda of the GA is packed full, and we look forward to an intense two days of discussions. Since long-term planning was not possible during the pandemic, the ENCORE conference, which usually takes place before the GA was regrettably postponed again; however, it is planned that the next GA will take place in 2023, together with a formal relaunch of ENCoRE and a celebration of the organisation’s 25th anniversary. At that event, we will finally hold the conference on the still relevant theme “Specialisations: Trends and Challenges in Conservation-Restora- tion Education”.