Statutes of Encore

(approved at the 12th General Assembly 25. May 2018)

§1 Establishment

(1) There shall be established on 23 May 1998, by the undersigned parties as founding Members and in accordance with the free right of association as stated by the Danish Constitution an international non-profit network association called European Network of Conservation/Restoration Education ENCoRE.

(2) ENCoRE shall be registered in “Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen” (Danish Commerce and Companies Agency).

(3) The registered address of the ENCoRE shall be The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Conservation, Esplanaden 34, 1263 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

§2 Purposes

The objectives of ENCoRE are to promote research and education in the field of conservation/ restoration of cultural heritage, based on the directions and recommendations given in the E.C.C.O. Professional Guidelines (Annex 1) and The Document of Pavia (Annex 2).

(1) Research:

ENCoRE will

  • instigate, establish and promote research within the discipline of conservation/restoration
  • instigate, establish and promote collaboration in research between academic institutions of education in conservation/restoration in Europe and other institutions active in research
  • it will provide the academic end users responsible for the preservation of cultural heritage in Europe with research results and amplify the impact of research on academic conservation/restoration study programs in Europe.

ENCoRE will meet these purposes

  • by disseminating the results of research projects
  • by disseminating information relating to research activities
  • by promoting the opportunity and increasing the efficiency of collaborative research in conservation/restoration
  • by furthering integration of research into conservation/restoration education
  • by establishing and publishing a multilingual glossary of terms in conservation/restoration

(2) Education:

ENCoRE will

  • advance and develop academic education in conservation/restoration in Europe to the highest level
  • instigate, establish and promote collaboration in education between institutions in conservation/restoration in Europe and with other institutions providing a high quality of conservation/restoration activities

ENCoRE will meet these purposes

  • by encouraging the application of the European Credit Transference System (ECTS) to facilitate the comparability of academic institutions for conservation/ restoration education
  • by encouraging the application of ECTS to facilitate the mobility of students of academic institutions for conservation/restoration education
  • by promoting the exchange of students and teachers of conservation/ restoration
  • by promoting study visits by staff and students from institutions providing high quality conservation/restoration activities

(3) The aims of ENCoREshall be pursued without political, linguistic or ethnic discrimination and based on human rights, including freedom of speech.

(4) ENCoRE shall not be party to any dispute involving its Members