What type of CRM do Forex Companies Use?

High-end CRM systems may play a crucial role in your business success, as this software affects your interaction with customers. Furthermore, a Forex CRM developer may offer package solutions, and a business owner selects features he (she) truly needs. The app includes features such as creating new accounts, managing wallets, and viewing balances. This makes it easier for users to keep track of their finances and access their account information on the go.

How Does the Forex CRM System Work

It also helps them to manage customer interactions and maintain a robust customer relationship. Forex CRM is a software that is designed exclusively for the forex brokers. A forex broker needs to engage with thousands of forex traders every day.

What is a forex CRM program?

With a CRM system, forex brokers can communicate with their clients through live chat, phone or laptop support, and query management. Having a reliable communication method and reaching out to clients is one of the ways to retain them for a long time. Since forex is a highly volatile market, client retention can be challenging https://www.xcritical.com/ for brokers. Forex broker businesses use CRM, the acronym for Customer Relationship Management systems, as a tool to manage customer acquisition on their platforms. With the help of CRM systems, forex brokers can easily track their clients’ account portfolios, trading transactions, and platform activities.


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The fact is that the lion’s share of profits for the Forex trading industry is a loyal relationship with customers. Furthermore, a customer FX CRM is responsible for high-end support when active traders face troubles https://www.xcritical.com/blog/forex-crm/ and headaches. Imagine the situation when a newer trader has joined the platform driven by an effective promotion strategy. FX traders of today understand the growing competition level in the market.

Capture new leads, build and nurture solid relationships

All platforms that this office produces for the market today occupy leadership positions and are most often used by professional brokerage companies. CRMs cluster your active traders into groups, letting you know more about their trading statistics, experience, objectives, and geographical locations. Business owners may create exclusive offers for every group to increase client loyalty. The more satisfied active traders are with given services, the higher peaks your company is going to reach. Up-to-date businesses face the necessity to process enormous data volumes, and many newcomer business owners solve the problem by hiring crowds of employers.

  • Moreover, the system administrator will be prepared at any moment to provide individual trade access to each of the employees.
  • When a newcomer broker is going to enter the market, the partnership with independent brokers is not among the key goals.
  • Through Trade Soft, brokers can access a combination of  White Label products, our fully hosted service, and ultra-low latency connectivity to their choice of liquidity providers.
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  • It is conceivable to build a system in-house over the next few years, but this would need a significant initial capital investment as well as continuous maintenance expenditures.
  • Let’s dive into the working principles of such a system to understand which tasks this software is responsible for.
  • Combine efficiency and security into one package to ensure the smooth operation of your brokerage firm.

We are all living in the digital age; this said, a problem of data analyzing and structuring is vital. CRM software designed for FX brokers is first and foremost responsible for sales. A team gets leads from referrals, ads, and other sources, and a team itself needs enormously much time to identify and classify every lead.

Key Benefits of using a platform by XCritical companies

Such a solution serves as one of the crucial components that impact your brokerage business. A high-end system for managing customer relationships is the must-have feature for every newer brokerage business that is going to overrun competitors. Trade Soft is one of the leading technologies and service providers in the Forex brokerage industry.

How Does the Forex CRM System Work

CRM software replaces employees, making it possible to collect, cluster, and process large volumes of incoming information. Please pay attention that we don’t provide financial services on behalf of B2Broker LTD. We provide financial services on behalf of companies that have relevant licenses. Because of the sophisticated CRM system, companies do not have to be concerned about their relationships with their customers. The application handles all aspects of invoicing, payment processing, and administration. B2Core claims that their platform allows brokerages to establish recommendation networks with levels ranging from 1-30.