IT Consulting Rates Per Hour Guide For 2023

By that point, you’ll have a better idea of their monthly needs, and they’ll trust you and your work. But you don’t need to spend years learning IT as many IT wizards offer consulting services. You can hire IT consultants who can guide you on crucial technological decisions, develop strategies, and help achieve a definite goal. Let me tell you; it’s different than hiring mobile app developers.

  • They have 10 to 100 developers and consultants on staff who serve SMBs and work with Fortune 500 companies on occasion.
  • The consultation fee starts at $125 but can rise up to $175 per hour.
  • Remember that your consulting rates aren’t just your price of doing business; they’re a representation of the value you bring to clients.
  • This is particularly important if you are aiming to be a business development consultant.
  • One of the highest ROI moves you can make is to switch to value-based fees.

His visionary ideas and passion for technology have backed Kody Technolab’s success. When you have a new business, and you’re not quite sure what your focus should be, it can be helpful to hire an IT consultant. They can help you focus on your company’s unique benefits, and they’ll be able to point out opportunities you might have missed. Even IT consultants sometimes need to hire freelance consultants when they lack expertise.

IT Consulting Hourly Rate by Industry Type

Consulting fees are the fees charged by freelancers or consultants who provide expert knowledge and services to businesses. The purpose of charging consultant fees is for businesses to compensate consultants for their expertise. A flat rate gives them a defined amount of money they can expect to spend. Consultants enjoy this pricing model because they can earn more than they would with a traditional hourly rate.

These individuals work on your project remotely, so you can choose who you work with more carefully. When talking about large-sized IT firms, have around 100 to 1000 IT professionals. For projects ranging from $125,000 to $5 million, they charge between $200 and $300. IT Consultancy is a great way to get expert advice on managing your IT systems. Getting expert help who understands important technical aspects will give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on your company’s growth.

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They spread their knowledge to the in-house engineering team and help with implementation and troubleshooting at various stages of the development lifecycle. Join over 62,592 consultants and learn strategies to
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So, to save you from paying extra, we have explained the fee models that are usually prevalent in the market. You also have consulting firms that only handle big businesses with a national presence. It would be best if you remembered that these companies do not work with businesses or enterprises it consultant hourly rate with an international presence and higher IT consulting rates. That will require the consulting firm to have multiple locations spread around the globe with a team strength of more than 500 employees. Usually, for big business consulting firms, the team strength can reach 200 maximum.

Why Choose Cleveroad as Your IT Consulting Company

However, you should understand that by hiring a freelancer, you take all the responsibility for vetting this specialist, and it may take a lot of time to find and hire the right consultant. Finally, the Committee reminded lawyers that any combination of hourly and contingent fees must conform to the maximum fee schedules in the court rules. “A fee in a personal injury matter that exceeded the Appellate Division’s fee schedule for certain contingency fees would not be reasonable,” the Committee said. In addition, DR 2-106(A) provides that a lawyer shall not charge an “illegal” fee. There are certainly the consulting rates by industry that you are going to want to keep in mind when you are setting your own fees.


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It’s not only the country but consulting rates by industry and technology differ as well. For example, the United States leads the IT consulting market in terms of services because of soared investment in CRM, ERP, IoT, Machine Learning, and data analytics. As a result, the US consultants charge surges to the highest IT consulting fees per hour— $100-$250. The most common form of IT consulting prices model prevalent in the industry is based on an hourly rate. From the name itself, you can understand that the consulting firms will work based on hours and charge you accordingly.

What are consulting fees?

44.11% of consultants we polled do not have any employees or contractors. With the right strategy and mindset, consultants can earn five or six figures — or even more — per month. 3.80% of consultants do not have specialist expertise and are not looking to specialize. 6.65% of consultants do not have specialist expertise but are looking to specialize. 50% of consultants do not offer productized consulting but are interested in doing so. One of the best ways to build a more resilient consulting business is to use monthly retainers.

it consultant hourly rate

To get you started, we have compiled an overview of IT consulting average rates across the UK. 3.04% of consultants are not interested in monthly/retainer-based work. 41.44% of consultants don’t have any retainer-based work, but would like to. With a monthly retainer, you’re working with & billing your clients every month. 14.26% of consultants have not done a performance deal and are not interested in this pricing strategy.


If there is a cause you support, you could even consider donating your time to a nonprofit or charging a nominal fee in order to build up your portfolio. Our editorial content is intended for informational purposes only and is not written by a licensed insurance agent. Terms and conditions for rate and coverage may vary by class of business and state. Then it turned out the client wanted to have several kickoff calls discussing the infographic before you could actually get started on the project. On the other hand, Glassdoor reports, Java consultants received $40/h on average, which is $79,137/year.

it consultant hourly rate

Depending on the client or project, you may adjust your structure or choose a different model to charge entirely. You don’t have to pick just one model to work with – it’s fine to switch it up as long as both you and your client are comfortable with the pricing and you’re transparent about any costs. Keep in mind, if the average consulting fees are around $100 per hour, your experience and track record will need to be taken into account. If you are a brand new consultant, you may be charging closer to $50 per hour. Regardless of which pricing model you choose, be confident in your rates and know that the client doesn’t care about the “time” it takes you to complete a project.

How Much Should I Charge as a Consultant?

But there is no better method for raising your rates and creating more value. You’ll have to improve your sales skills, accounting skills, project management skills, and more. After you get the total, adjust the fee to a number you would feel good about work.