CRM For Startups Guide For 2023: Best Features To Look For

Your chosen CRM system should be adaptable to both small and large businesses and display all customer profiles, sales pipeline, and opportunities for upselling in the future. CRM platforms typically provide many basic data visualization tools, such as graphic reports (for example, of sales activity) and real-time dashboards to monitor KPIs and metrics. Zoho CRM-with its broad coverage, deep features, and intuitive UI-can go head-to-head against any other big name CRM when it comes to technology and functionality.

What is CRM for startups

We love its free and scalable plans and easy-to-use interface that provides value to users at all technical levels. The tool also allows you to perform advanced searches, so you can utilize your CRM data more effectively. You can use Apptivo CRM to ensure data security with custom user roles and permissions.

Assign leads automatically

But you’ll quickly outgrow these processes as your business scales. Simply put, it’s much easier to implement a CRM before your operations become too complex, so start sooner rather than later. Startups can’t afford to blow their money on a host of “premium” tools they won’t use. Monday sales CRM pricing plans are reasonably priced, and our feature list is endless.


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Price plans, hidden fees, customer reviews, and customer support are also assessed in the selection process. You can integrate this CRM software with other marketing and customer service tools. It provides flexible pricing plans that allow you to find detailed customer purchase histories or stack them together for an all-in-one CRM solution. The HubSpot CRM is a suite of individual tools, each built to help you manage different areas of your business, from marketing and sales to customer service and operations. Flexible pricing plans allow you to purchase these tools individually or stack them together for an all-in-one CRM solution.

Best FREE CRM for Startups (

If your team is often on the go, Pipedrive’s dedicated mobile apps make sure you never miss an opportunity. Traveling salespeople and remote teams can truly leverage its pocket sales functionality. Zendesk Sell is a sleek and easy CRM sales platform that’s great for startups planning for growth. Designed for zen-like ease of use, Zendesk lets users get more done without increasing staff or stretching current team members beyond their abilities. Test drive its user-friendly features for 14 days with its free trial, or apply for its free 6-month startup support program. Salesforce has a wide range of business software products, including its combined sales and CRM platform, Salesforce Essentials.

  • So, when shopping for a CRM platform, make sure it will play nice with the other apps in your tech stack.
  • Team collaboration is of topmost priority if you want your start-up to grow and succeed.
  • Though it’s among the costlier platforms, starting at $49 per user per month, it offers extensive customization, 24-hour support, and integrations.
  • Customer relationship management, as a methodology, is a big-picture approach to your company’s relationships.
  • Close focuses on taking your sales to another level, with its smart email conversation history tracking keep your team updated.

The goal was to pick out the tools that offered the best value for money for growing businesses. And of course, Zoho CRM also integrates seamlessly with all the other tools in Zoho’s cloud software suite, so it’s the natural choice for existing Zoho users. As your startup grows, you will have people working in different teams and, perhaps, stationed at different locations. You and your employees need to have an efficient and effective means of sharing and accessing data.

How Pipedrive can help your startup

Cloud based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use. Manual data entries take up too much time and are prone to human error. The best part about CRM systems is that they not only store data in one place but also break down reports into minute details. Therefore, there is an increased scope for accurate data analysis and reporting.

What is CRM for startups

The lead qualification with will help you qualify more prospects in less time and make cold calling easier for your sales team. Delightful customer support and a clean interface are the reasons why BIGContacts can be an excellent choice for your startup. Additionally, its customizable modules and automation capabilities further add to its utility. crm for startups Copper has a rating of 4.5/5 stars, many users praise the easy Gmail integration and enjoy how simple the software is to use, even if you don’t know much about sales. Experience workflow automation with email alerts, task generation, record updates, and more. Insightly lets you build trust with customers while growing your business at the same time.

Act! CRM

Contact management is fundamental to nurturing a lasting relationship with your customers. To maintain a competitive edge, you need a CRM platform that offers contact management features beyond the basics, such as information storage and task tracking. When your teams across departments can access data instantly, customers won’t have to wait around for answers. You can boost employee productivity and improve the customer experience simultaneously. Business processes isolated in silos discourage transparency and communication between teams. As many startups may have users new to using a CRM, a vast range of customer and product support channels is vital to success.

If you’re a sole trader, go through the questions above on your own. When you see how a CRM can fit into your routine, decide which CRM tools you’ll test and get those quick wins yourself. Check out how Pipedrive CRM gives you peace of mind when it comes to privacy and security.

When to Use Pipedrive

It’s designed to be user-friendly and with a simple dashboard, you can automate your sales, marketing, and customer service. Nimble is a simple CRM software to get everything done from a single dashboard. It enables sales teams to keep track of all opportunities with custom-built sales pipelines. Nimble also offers the option to include custom fields to enrich contact profiles. With integrations like Gmail and Outlook, the CRM tool can help streamline all your communications. Its reliable reporting module can help you keep track of all business activities with ease.

HubSpot mitigates this effect by offering a truly modular approach to its platform. Individual tools or “hubs” can be added so your business only invests in the features it needs. Couple that with its extensive guides and tutorials, and team members will become HubSpot experts in short order, growing their CRM software skills in line with your scaling company. An ACT is an all-in-one CRM for sales and marketing tool which allows you to generate repeated clients.

Why do you need a sales CRM for your startup?

Startups have the herculean task of transforming ideas into viable businesses. In the hustle, customer relationships might inadvertently be placed on the back burner. That’s where CRM steps in, turning this potential oversight into a core strength. The power of data at your fingertips, centralized and organized, can be a game-changer.