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The Erasmus+ project CHARTER (Cultural Heritage Actions to Refine Training, Education and Roles) has started in January 2021. It seeks to create a lasting, comprehensive sectoral skills strategy to guarantee that Europe has the necessary cultural heritage skills to support sustainable societies and economies, including transversal competences such as digital/technological and green/blue economy skills. CHARTER identifies skills shortages and mismatches in the cultural heritage sector to bridge the gap between education and occupational systems to ensure the sector’s viability and illustrate its contribution to social, economic and environmental sustainability in Europe.

For our profession this means that when mapping competences the difference to other occupations will become visible, in the sense of showing the occupation of the cr as a distinct one, with specific education and training and there- fore specific competences – a unique chance. This is the reason why ECCO is one of the partners and important protagonists in CHARTER.

Wolfgang Baatz negotiated also for ENCoRE to be part of the project. Yet as the commission refunds only staff costs, ENCoRE could not be a full partner but only an Associate partner, which is a status that is not linked to funding from Brussels and has only a supportive function. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, represented by Wolfgang Baatz, Chairman of the Board is a full partner of CHARTER, in this sense ENCoRE has a direct link to CHARTER and so ENCoRE and its members can contribute to the project – you will be contacted.