9 Best Remote Jobs for Moms

There are numerous work-from-home customer service positions available, but if you’re expecting a child, you probably don’t want to be confined to your desk for long periods of time. There are some companies that allow you to take frequent breaks or have a flexible schedule. If you’re a working woman and expecting your bundle of joy anytime soon, you’re probably happy and worried at the same time. Happy because virtual jobs for moms motherhood is blissful and worried because – “What about my job? ” Your concerns are legitimate but the good news is that you don’t need to quit your job or end your career as there are plenty of stay-at-home jobs for pregnant moms! Aneesha´s years of experience working remotely, with a master´s degree in Philosophy and a profound knowledge of mental health, brings new perspectives to ThinkRemote´s blog.

What jobs are best for a mum?

  • Real estate agent. Flexible hours, decent pay, freedom to set your own schedule – it sounds like a great gig!
  • CEO aka Boss Mum.
  • Recruiter.
  • Social media manager.
  • Social worker.
  • Lawyer.
  • Marketing and communications.
  • Data analyst.

You could create a blog on reviewing products and make some great money in affiliate sales. I bought an ebook that could really help you with this idea, I can share it with you if interested. I have started to feel my employer loosing patients with the schedule that I am having to keep so I figured working from home would be the best option for me.

Great Work-From-Home Jobs for Moms and Dads

Scan their Remote Junior Developer Jobs & Internships page to get job listings specifically flagged for entry-level applicants. It can be tough to find true entry-level developer jobs out there, but this is a great place to start. There are lots of proofreading jobs listed on Flexjobs that you can secure as a remote employee , but it’s easiest to find work as a freelancer on websites like Upwork and Fiverr. If you’re looking for a slightly more high-paid job, becoming a freelance proofreader could be a good option.

Or if you are good in a certain school subject, like chemistry or math, you could tutor high school students. Or maybe https://remotemode.net/ art lessons or a musical instrument that you can play. There are many options for potential teaching sessions.

Turn Any Room into a Healthy and Efficient Home Office

Not only that, but you can use PayPal to receive payment for any goods or services you sell, like editing work, artwork, or even childcare. Any tools you need hinges on what type of stay-at-home mom jobs you’re applying for. Some ads will have it included in the details, but there’s usually contact information for you to reach out to. On the other hand, some jobs may require other documents besides degrees. Coaching and bookkeeping are stay-at-home mom jobs that will likely need certification, but that is easier and quicker to obtain than a degree.

good remote jobs for moms

I know that’s not a lot of money — but they’re easy and fun to do. But you can also find your next stay-at-home mom tribe. Lean on them all, and you’ll find it much easier to navigate the unchartered territory of remote mom jobs. Essentially, employers save a ton of money when they offer remote work options. There have been a lot of headlines lately involving big-name companies, like IBM, that have called their remote workers back into the office.

How to Find the Perfect Remote Job

Examples of products and services could be e-books, guides, courses, etc. Sponsorships are when a brand will pay you to write about them in a dedicated post on your blog. These may also include social media shares or could be just on your social media.

good remote jobs for moms

Now fun activities can help a lot of the time, but it can still be hard to work at home and feel successful when you have kids home all day. That being said, as a stay-at-home mom myself, there are times when balancing job tasks and house errands can be difficult. You’ll want to find stay-at-home mom jobs that offer direct deposit or use cash apps to make things easier on you. If you want to take on editing jobs of any kind, you’ll likely need software. For photos and videos, you need Adobe programs like Photoshop or Premiere. Earning money as a stay-at-home mom will help you pay off your debt, save for retirement, and go on that family vacation you have been dreaming of.