Procedure for becoming a Member according to the statutes of ENCoRE:

§4 Application for Membership

(1) An institution wishing to become a Full Member or an Associate Member must submit to the Board of ENCoRE a written application for Membership, accompanied by the following documents:

  • complete documentation of the legal status of the institution and degree (such as Act of Education, statutes, examination regulations and study rules) in the original language
  • an official letter certifying the legal status of the institution and degree in English
  • a short description of the structure of the institution in English
  • information on the research activity of the institution in the field of conservation/restoration if available
  • a copy of its detailed study program, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), if available

(2) The application has to be authorised by the institution.

(3) The school must be visited by 2 delegates from ENCoRE members appointed by the Board.
Delegates report to the Board.

The Board shall present the application and the report to the next General Assembly for approval.

(4) Applicants wishing to become Supporting Member must submit to the Board a written application for Membership.


  1. The application has to be authorized by the head of the institution.
  2. In preparation of the visit of the institution the ENCoRE program survey form will be sent.
    It has to be completed and returned before the visit.
  3. The costs of the visit will be shared 50/50 by the applying institution and ENCoRE

Please send the completed application form together with supporting documentation to

The annual membership fee is 400 EUR

How to become a Partner

Partnership is open to European or other institutions providing a high quality of conservation/restoration activities and/or research and which are willing to cooperate with ENCoRE or want to further the purposes of ENCoRE. There is no subscription fee for Partnership.

Institutions wishing to become a Partners in ENCoRE are invited to submit to the Board a written application for partnership and information on the institution.